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Kate Greenseth

Designer. Illustrator. Explorer.

Web Design

Designer of websites since way back in the 90s, I've witnessed the the wild and exciting evolution of digital design and am proud to be part of the legacy. My latest thrills are accessibility, UI design, responsive design and designing for the mobile web! If you're visiting this page on your phone or tablet, you'll know what I mean!

Recent Work: This site, pmdesignsinc.com

Graphic Design

Proud creator of logos, icons, book covers, flyers, and all manner of promotional and advertising design for print and web. I've designed for individuals and for companies big and small, and I've even designed custom shoes! I'm also currently designing a board game!

Recent Work: All materials on this site, Skyfaux logo, Garden Science logo, all Skyfaux merchandise


My illustration portfolio showcases a love of fantastical characters, places, and architecture. I often put my illustration to work with my writing, and that combination has resulted in a number of independently-published comics authored and illustrated by yours truly. I work in acrylics, inks, watercolors, and digital illustration.

Recent Published Work: Skyfaux, comics for Gothology and Cat Odes. Please also visit my full illustration portfolio on behance.net.


I'm not just into writing comics... I also love to blog! I currently maintain a gardening blog called Garden Science that is extremely popular - to the tune of over 150,000 followers!

Check out Garden Science!

My Book: Skyfaux

Last year, I set out to do something that combined all of my interests and started writing and illustrating my first graphic novel, Skyfaux. After months of hard work and long hours, the book made its debut in 2015 at Seattle's Emerald City Comicon and was received with praise. Skyfaux, a story of an Earth Elemental who strives for excellence and meets danger and adventure along the way, is a significant personal achievement that I am proud to share with the world.

Check out Skyfaux's listing on IndyPlanet and find out more at Skyfaux.com!

Fun Facts

Here are some bonus fun facts about me: